Christmas Vegetable Box

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Picked to accommodate Christmas Day lunch and Boxing Day salads for around 4 people (standard) or 6 people (large) these vegetable boxes will contain a selection of seasonal biodynamic vegetables, fresh from Home Farm fields to your Christmas table.

Please note that box items may vary depending upon the daily harvest.

You can expect:

1 medium sized red cabbage
2 kg Cara roasting potatoes
1 120g (approx) mixed salad leaf bag
1 medium white cabbage
1 head celeriac
500g (approx) beetroot
1 brussel sprout stalk, roughly 600g
2 radicchio and other winter salad head
1 bunch parsley
1 bunch bay leaves

Large boxes will contain around 50% more of each product listed above.

Specific items and weights are indicative only.