Celebrating the Biodynamic Centenary: Summer at Home Farm

This summer, we are marking the centenary of biodynamic farming with a series of events across our 438-acre estate. Visitors to Home Farm will have the opportunity to engage with the 100 year old principles and practices of the original organic movement and learn about the many benefits to the health of the soil and to ourselves.

From workshops on biodynamic practices and talks from industry leaders who share in our ethos that everything begins with the soil, join us from June to September as we mark this milestone and look to the future of responsible and regenerative agriculture.

The event lineup will extend up to the house, with movie screenings and celebratory suppers hosted by Heckfield Place.

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Saturday 15 June

Market Garden Walk

On this guided walk around the Market Garden you’ll learn more about our regenerative growing practices and see what we are growing this summer across our vegetable and fruit beds and inside the polytunnels.


Saturday 6th July

Fruitful: Tour & Tea with Sarah Johnson & Jane Scotter

Former head pastry chef at Spring and Heckfield Place, Sarah Johnson, will join our Head Grower, Jane Scotter, for a tour of the Market Garden followed by tea and treats from Sarah’s new book, Fruitful. (Image copyright: Patricia Niven)


Saturday 20 July

Summer Flower Celebration

Celebrate the beauty of summer at our produce sale dedicated to peak season summer flowers.


Saturday 27 July

Home Farm Supper: Time of Soft Fruits

Gather on a long communal table for a convivial evening, set among the seasonal flowers, fruit and vegetables of our Market Garden. Our July supper will celebrate the abundance of soft fruits in season at this time of year.


Saturday 3 August

Flower Arranging Demonstration

Join Heckfield Place’s resident florist to learn the fundamentals of arranging flowers at home. Catherine will demonstrate how to make a beautiful vase arrangement at home, using different forms, heights, and colours.


Saturday 17 August

Tomato Celebration

Alongside our produce sale on Saturday 17th August, we will be revelling in the abundance of ripe and ready tomatoes pouring out of our polytunnel with a special lineup of talks and tastings dedicated to this gloriously fleshy fruit.


Saturday 17 August

Home Farm Supper: Time of Abundance

Our August supper celebrates our most abundant time of year. Join us for a long-table, sharing-style supper at the heart of our biodynamic Market Garden with Skye Gyngell and her team at the helm.


Saturday 7 September

Dahlia Talk with Jane Scotter & Alice Chapman

From tips on cultivation and care to our favourite varieties, we will share our knowledge and passion for dahlias, offering insights into how to grow and maintain these stunning blooms in your own garden.


Saturday 21st September

Biodynamic Planting Calendar with Tom Petherick

Join biodynamic consultant and Demeter farm inspector, Tom Petherick, for a free talk guiding you through the basic principles of the biodynamic planting calendar and how to incorporate it into your own growing schedule.


Saturday 21 September

The Biggest Little Farm with intro by Skye Gyngell & Jane Scotter

Culinary Director, Skye Gyngell, and Head Grower, Jane Scotter, will come together to talk about the importance of healthy soil, followed by a special screening of The Biggest Little Farm.


Sunday 22 September

Home Farm Lunch: Time of Harvest

In September, we give thanks for harvest, an abundant summer and the transition to autumn. To mark the equinox, we'll gather for a family-style Sunday lunch with delicious dishes made with some of our favourite ingredients.