Our onsite dairy processing unit produces milk, cream, butter, and buttermilk that is used at Heckfield Place and sold at our produce sales and to local businesses.

As a single herd, the milk from our Guernsey cows truly reflects the seasonal changes on the farm. By using a lower, slower pasteurisation process and by not homogenising, our milk and dairy products maintain a full-fat creaminess and rich flavour profile.

Guernsey milk is distinct, not only for its golden hue and sweet, wholesome flavour, but also for its nutritional value. It boasts significantly more protein, vitamin A, D, and calcium than regular milk. Whereas most cow’s milk today contains both A1 and A2 proteins, Guernsey milk contains only the A2 protein. A2 is known to be much easier to digest – many people who generally cannot tolerate cow’s milk may find Guernsey milk suitable.